January 26. 2024 (Friday) 18:00
Year Opening Harvard Reception & Fireside Chat with Mr. János Zolcer on FRATERNAL WAR - Why war is raging in Ukraine?


*Why is Russia at war in Ukraine? * How long will the war last? * When will there be peace? * How effective are the sanctions? * Can Putin be stopped? * Could nuclear war break out? * Will there be a coup against Putyin? * Why are the warring parties not negotiating with each other? * How does the Kremlin work? * Which news should we believe?


In 2000, János Zolcer asked Mikhail Gorbachev to be a reporter and presenter for the documentary series "Secrets of Power". For years they travelled the world together, visiting the greatest politicians of the time (George H.W. Bush, John Paul II, Helmut Kohl, Simon Peres, Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Hans-Dietrich Genscher). Working together has become a close friendship. Gorbachev took János Zolcer to his home village, to the Kremlin, and many other places on his international travels. The book Gorbachev's Secrets was written in 2020 and has since been published in English, German, Slovak, Russian and Chinese. Mr. Zolcer’s book „Fraternal War” was published in 2023.


Venue: Our Vice President, Péter Kraft’s office, the KRAFT Salon & Gallery, located at Andrássy Avenue 92
Participation fee: HUF 10,000, -
RSVP: hchungary@post.harvard.edu